We are not offering hourly studio rentals at this time due to the pandemic. 

We are offering 4 day residencies (Sunday-Wednesday) at $400 and 7 day residencies (Sunday-Saturday) at $700. We understand that times are tough (both financially and emotionally) and we are trying to find the balance between meeting our financial obligations and serving our community of artists. If this price is not within your budget, we are open to discussing the matter with you. This offer begins immediately through the end of the year. Currently we don’t have any plans of extending this residency opportunity into 2021. 


Arts On Site NYC Residency Program: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Arts On Site is offering studio space to artists in need. Studio space is made available to a limited number of artists through a four day or seven day residency program. Each residency includes one company of artists, limit of 5 artists per studio space, with unlimited access to Studio 3F. The studio space will be used strictly by one company of artists, there will be no shared use of studio space among artists from different companies. Currently all other businesses in the building are closed, Arts On Site is the only organization in operation in the building at this time except for V Spot which has its own separate entrance. Common areas within the building, including hallways and stairwell, are traveled by resident artists only. 


Renter’s Responsibility: Renter is responsible for the safety and health of each individual artist within their company. All mandated protocols from state and local agencies must be followed. Renter is also responsible for daily cleaning measures and a deep clean to sanitize the studio at the end of their residency. Appropriate cleaning supplies are available in each studio space. Please refer to the cleaning checklist posted in each studio.  Arts On Site cleans the common areas in the building between each one week rental period, before and after each resident artist, or as deemed necessary. Every visitor on each visit to the studio must complete the COVID-19 questionnaire. 


COVID-19 Restrictions: All individuals are asked to maintain a 6 foot distance from one another. Face coverings are required when individuals are traveling through common areas in the building and whenever individuals are within 6 feet of one another. Face coverings are encouraged when individuals are using studio space. Any shared surfaces (stereo knob, door handles, benches,) must be disinfected frequently. A comprehensive safety plan is available upon request outlining all preventative measures and a plan of action if a positive case of infection is identified. All individuals must have completed a “negative” COVID test within two weeks of residency date.. 


Rates; Residency opportunities are offered to select artists at $400 for 4 days (Sunday-Wednesday) or $700 for 7 days (Sunday-Saturday). These rates reflect a 75% discount on hourly studio rental prices, with the entire studio available from 8am-10pm (15 hours) at $100/day. 


Studio Activities: Studio may be used for rehearsals only. Any other activities must be approved with Arts On Site. 


Length of Use:. Residency opportunities are offered in four day or seven increments, beginning on Sunday at 8am and concluding on either Thursday or Saturday at 10pm. Studios must be cleaned and vacated by the end of the rental period. No prior drop-off and/or pick-up of equipment, props, etc. unless negotiated at time of the rental contract. Due to health concerns, we cannot offer any single day studio rentals or rentals periods less than 4 days.

: Payment is available through check, cash and Venmo. Checks are made payable to Arts On Site NYC, Inc. Venmo is payable to Arts On Site NYC. All bounced checks will incur a $25 fee.

For Events, Recurring Rentals, or Daily Rates, please email us at booking@artsonsite.org


The following activities are not allowed at our studios:  Yoga Classes,  Tap, Flamenco.
Showings are limited to 20 guests and must be free admission.
Access for individuals with disabilities is available upon request.
Elevator in building  is reserved for disabled individuals and 5th floor tenants.
**TWO WEEK CANCELLATION POLICY - No refunds or rescheduling within two weeks of rental**

Arts On Site NYC

12 St Marks Place

Studio 3F & 4F

NY, NY 10003


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For booking inquiries contact: booking@artsonsite.org

For all other inquiries contact: info@artsonsite.org