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This coloring book features each artist who performed at Arts On Site’s new festival series Arts in Sight this past year. Each artist has their own page based off of photography by Julie Lemberger from the live performances as well as a biography on the back of their image. 


The Arts In Sight festival series aims to create a space for underrepresented artists to be seen and a safe space for all artists to express themselves. AOS is making a commitment to support 12 festivals over the next three years. This series gives an opportunity to highlight around 100 artists. Additionally, we’re partnering with diverse curators to ensure that our efforts represent various underrepresented populations in NYC.

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The Electric Circus, curated by Adam Odsess-Rubin, celebrates LGBTQ+ artists in celebration of NYC Pride. The Electric Circus is a a sexy and fun night of theater and dance, sprinkled with a bit of queer history of St Marks Place.


We Belong Here, curated by Jessica Chen, celebrates AAPI choreographers. We Belong Here is an opportunity for choreographers that identify with the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities to be presented and share their voices. 


The Diaspora Fest, curated by Will Stone, celebrates Black performing artists.  “The Diaspora Fest - A Celebration of Black Performing Artists is a love letter to the artistic community that cultivated me.  I wanted to give voice to the pain, struggles and triumphs of Black culture through artistic expression.  I assembled a group of artists that are unapologetically Black in the best way possible.” - Will Stone

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Thank you for purchasing Arts On Site's coloring book! We are extremely thrilled to share these incredible artists with our community, not only in person but now with wonderful visuals created by Julie. Why make a coloring book? Right now I believe it’s more important than ever to give underrepresented populations a platform to share their viewpoints through artistic expression. This festival series, Arts In Sight celebrates the rich dimensions of diversity and ensures the inclusion of underrepresented voices in NYC. These artists need to be seen and their voices need to be heard. This coloring book provides a visual opportunity to experience a range of artists and to support our mission of bringing people together to address issues of discrimination and subordination that exists within our society. Thank you for being a part of our mission!

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