Frequently Asked Questions

What's your cancellation policy?

You can cancel up to 2 weeks before your rental for a full refund. Any reservations canceled within 2 weeks of your rental will not be refunded.  

What are prohibited activities at the studios?

Classes,  Events, Parties, Tap, or Flamenco.

When are studios available for rentals?

Studios 2R & 3R are for $150/day 

Studios 3F & 4F are for $125/day 

What's the maximum occupancy for each studio?

Studios 2R & 3R have an 8 person maximum

Studios 3F & 4F have a 5 person maximimun

Are there chairs and tables available for use?

Each studio has an array of chairs and benches and at least one folding table.

Are the studios handicap accessible?

Yes, all the studios are handicap accessible with a working elevator in the building. Please note, there is one step at the entrance of the building which a handicapped individual might need assistance with.

What's the stereo situation in the studios?

The stereo in each studio includes a basic receiver connected to two speakers mounted on the south wall. You can connect your laptop or phone to the receiver through an aux cable. We do not supply iPhone to aux adapters/dongles.