HUMA, the resident arts collective at Arts On Site NYC, provides movement classes, community outreach, and performances. The work focuses on responsive partnering to explore the relationship between dependency and trust. The movement plays with the ideas of leading, letting go, and listening to one another.


March 7        "Stand or Be Stood" - RAD Fest - Kalamazoo, MI 

March 15       Excerpts - Riverdale Country School - Westchester, NY  

April 26-28   Excerpts - West Fest, Martha Graham Studios, NYC   

March 28     "Short Stories" - Unison Arts Center - New Paltz, NY

May 6&7       Arts On Site Home Season - NYC 

May 15&16    The Dance Hall - Kittery, Maine



2020 dates to be announced soon 



2020 dates to be announced soon 


HUMA dance class is the result of the ongoing collaboration between Chelsea Ainsworth, Doron Perk, and Jessica Smith. The class explores awareness of the body, attention to placement and weight, building strength, fluid and dynamic movement ideas and responsive partnering skills. 



HUMA class for everyone is open to beginners as well as professionals. It is a dance partnering class, starting with a led warm up. The class is an opportunity to engage with basic partnering skills, play between leading and letting go, and listen to each other through movement.




Length: 50 min

Choreography by Chelsea Ainsworth & Doron Perk

Set Design by Kyle Netzeband


Chelsea Ainsworth and Doron Perk believe that the social dialogue about identity and relationships needs to take another step forward. Terms like nationalism, gender and race ask us to define ourselves and be specific, so we are divided into groups and sub groups. This is a stressful and limiting process of creating a self. In both process and product, this work explores “what is identity?” and “what are relationships?” Researching these questions challenges the idea of identity and relationships, presenting these topics asa fun game. “Two is You” depicts the different stages of creating an identity through a cycle of encounters between two dancers. Each encounter exaggerates both the benefits and limitations of the ways in which we develop relationships. Multiple costume changes throughout the piece reflect a different stage in the evolution of identity. Each component comes together to create a multi layered view of the relationship between these two dancers and how identity affects their relationship.

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Artistic Directors

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DORON PERK is an Israeli dancer based in New York City.  Gaga teacher, dancer in ZviDance, choreographer

and  interdisciplinary collaborator.

CHELSEA AINSWORTH is a graduate of the Dance Department of The Juilliard School. She is a dancer for ZviDance and The Bang Group, Ballet/Modern teacher, Thai Massage Therapist, and choreographer. She’s also the co-founder and Executive Director of Arts On Site NYC.

KYLE NETZEBAND is a painter, photographer, graphic designer, yoga teacher and builder. He’s the co-founder and Creative Director at Arts On Site NYC and Chief Executive Officer at Arts On Site Residency & Retreat.  

JESSICA SMITH is a New York City based dancer from New Orleans, Louisiana. She studied at New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, London Contemporary Dance School, and received her BFA in dance from the Department of Dance at Purchase College. She’s currently a company member of Vim Vigor, ZviDance, and Kizuna Dance, as well as Associate Director of Arts on Site.

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