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Arts On Site NYC is operated by a team of dedicated volunteer artists. We value the time you choose to donate to support our organization, which supports a large community of NYC artists. We also offer studio rental exchange opportunities for volunteer work.


Volunteer positions include:

1. Studio Manager - cleaning studios daily  

2. Booking Manger - answering booking emails

2. Event Crew - assist at Performance Party Events

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THANK YOU to all of our volunteers from 2019: 

Diego Aguliar

Nika Autuanette

Armando Fiorella

Kendra Augustin

Leesy Ayana

Izzy Azouz

Lissa Bak

Kate Bishop

Elisa Blynn

Trinity Bobo

Christy Casey

Jun Chen

Daphne Blair Chu

Melissa Chung

Sabrina Colavita

Jeremy Cone

Jennifer Corr

Melani De Guzman

Jack Dentinger

Josh Eguia

Lauren Flack

Michael Ford

Michael Ganjehlou

Tamrin Goldberg

Jillian Goldsein

Haqq Dorchel

Jason Isaacs

Alexcia Sundra

Ashley Jones

Julianne Kannan

Camalongay Kil

Sally Kingsford

Carla Kissane

Phi Lee Lam

Cecily Lo

Peter Madsen

Evan Margolis

Bianca Marrinucci

Ali Merali

Graham McClanahan

Jordan Morley

Kenisha Morgan

Terrence Mosley

Luana Nascimento

Bri Nerud

Melanie Nulf

Jesse Obremski

Hanz Odaga

Daniel Ovadia

Lauren Paglisotti

Lauren Panzica

Isabella Reese

Madeline Robertson

Nick Rodgrigues

Elysia Roscoe

Lingyi Rose

Matilda Sakamoto

Timiki Salinas

Isa Santamaria Perez

Maggie Segale

Marcus Schknow

Neha Sashtri

Grady Shea

Aleigha Spinks

Katya Stepanov

Philip Strom

Jacob Taylor

Kelly Todd

Eric Umble

Jules Vivid

Lauren Walker

Andrea Ware

Sean Willey

Leesy Whitehurst

x senn-yuen


The Arts On Site studios are temporarily closed. We anticipate opening our studios in August. We look forward to opening our doors again soon to allow artists a place for growth, happiness, and creation. 

Performance Party Events are now virtual with upcoming events on July 11th, and July 25th. Join us through Zoom or Facebook Live for an online artist showcase with music, dance, and theater. Help us continue to host community art events that support artists. Although we are physically isolated from one another, it's essential to share our artistic inspirations to help bring us together. Check out the facebook page for more info:

The outbreak of COVID-19 presents a challenging situation for all of us. Arts On Site is attempting to make the best decision possible to continue to support our community and our organization. As you know we are a small, family-run organization and the consequences of this virus does threaten our livelihood as an arts non profit. If you are in the position to donate your studio rental time instead of asking for a refund, this action will help support our non profit through this difficult time. We humbly ask for your contributions to help sustain our community-run spaces and ensure we can continue to support artists in the future. We understand that everyone is being affected by this pandemic and we are incredibly grateful for your contribution.


Support our GoFundMe campaign:  

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