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We have opportunities for artists to rent discounted space or earn a free residency by participating in our Artist R&R Work Trade Program.


10’ Yurt (1 bed - 1 queen) @$60/night

20’ Yurt South (3 beds - 1 double, 1 queen, 1 twin) @$80/night

20’ Yurt North (2 beds - 1 double, 2 queen) @$80/night

20’ Canvas Bell Tent (2 beds - 1 double, 1 queen) @$60/night

15’ Canvas bell tent  (2 beds - 2 double) @$60/night

A Frame Cabin (1 bed - 1 double) @$60/night


All accommodations include unlimited access to the large dance studio



1 week @30% off

2 weeks @35% off

3 weeks @40% off

4 weeks @45% off


The Artist R&R Work Trade Program offers artists a one week free residency at AOS R&R in exchange for approximately 15 hours of volunteer work on site. Work responsibilities focus on managing rental spaces at AOS R&R, which includes making beds, laundry, cleaning, greeting guests and helping out with any additional site projects (construction, painting, gardening, landscaping, trail work). Artists are expected to work part of the day on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday focused on rental activities at AOS R&R. There are also additional site projects happening every week that artists are encouraged to help out with. In exchange for volunteer work, artists receive free accommodations in the art studio loft with unlimited studio use. Artists are not provided a food or travel stipend, they are responsible for preparing meals and making travel arrangements. Sign ups for the Artist R&R Program are offered beginning in the spring. All artists are welcome, all disciplines of art accepted.


Sunday - Arrival

Monday (4-5 hours) - Reset beds and clean (tents, yurts, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, studios)

Friday (2-3 hours) - Tidy kitchen and bathrooms, greet guests

Saturday (2-3 hours) - Tidy spaces, greet guests

Sunday (2-3 hours) - Clean art studio & prepare space for next artist



Artists have unlimited access to a 15'x15' sprung marley floor in the art studio loft, where they stay. There's also access to a larger 30'x35' sprung marley floor in the larger indoor/outdoor dance studio. 

What we expect from you...

Dedicated artists willing to share their beating hearts or as we love to say, "tear their beating hearts from their chest! We ask that artists consider the proposal of how they can best spend their time in residence to advance a creative project with the ambition to share with a wider audience. We understand there are many steps in the creative process and we're here to offer you uninhibited creative space surrounded by the wilds of nature.  

What you can expect from us...

A community of dancers, painters, musicians, writers, actors, builders, chefs, gardeners, enthusiasts, thinkers, stinkers, adventurers, healers, & humans working to hold communal space for the benefit of artists, the arts, and our creative passions. We're here to share and play.

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