Studio Rentals

12 St Marks Place

Studio 3F & 4F

7am -10pm      7 days a week

Studio Rental Rates

Dance Rehearsal    

General Rehearsal    

Teaching Class under $10 

Teaching Class over $10 



Film & Photo     

Art Event     

Other Event     

$20/ hr

$25/ hr

$35/ hr


$40/ hr

$50/ hr

$75/ hr

$90/ hr

$125/ hr

dance only   

music, theater, and healing arts

class participants are charged less than $10 

class participants are charged more than $10 

max 20 guests, no admission or suggested donation collected      



events that support the arts     

events that are not related to the arts

The following activities are not allowed at our studios:  Yoga Classes,  Tap, Flamenco.
Access for individuals with disabilities is available upon request.
Elevator in building  is reserved for disabled individuals and 5th floor tenants.
Studio 3F

Hardwood Floors

Art Hanging Tracks

Upright Piano

Music Stands

Projector and 9'x5' Screen (Events Only)

Sounds System w/Aux Plugin (No CD Player)

20 Folding Chairs

3 Six-foot Long Folding Tables

20 benches around perimeter of room

Bathroom In Studio  

Studio 4F


Sprung Hardwood Floors

Mirrored Wall

Free-Standing Dance Barres

Wall-Mounted Dance Barres

Upright Piano

Sound System w/Aux Plugin (No CD Player)

5 Folding Chairs

Bathroom In Studio

Arts On Site NYC

12 St Marks Place

Studio 3F & 4F

NY, NY 10003


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