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Studio 3R Rental Rates

Maximum Capacity Studio 3R: 34 audience members and 30 performing artists.

Click HERE for rental policies and payment details.


Early Bird Rehearsal Rate (7am-10am): $15/Hr

Rehearsal Rate: $30 for 1 hour, $25/Hr for 2+ hours 

Class/Workshop $10 and Under Rate: $35/Hr **

Class/Workshop Over $10: $50/Hr **

** 2 hour minimum required

**To book Showings, Film Shoots, and Performances please contact


Showing Rates: $75/Hr+ add on services


Film/Photo Shoot Rates: $75/Hr+ add on services

Full day: 10am-10pm = $900

Lockout: 6am-10pm = $1,000


Performances Rates: $1,100/day + add on services 

(Day rate includes one free holding room from 6pm-10pm)


Add On Services:

House Manager = $75 per day

Ticketing Services = $150 Flat Fee

Sound Operator = $150 per day

Piano Rental = $150 Flat Fee

Lighting Designer/Operator = $200 per day

Extra Holding Room = $100 (per 4-hour time slot)

Sound and Lightboard Training = $100 Flat fee**


**Please be advised that renters are not allowed to use the light/soundboard unless trained and pre-approved.


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